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About The Roundtree, Amagansett

In 2020, The Roundtree, Amagansett opened its doors in the beautiful enclave of New York’s Hamptons region. With just 15-rooms, our independently-owned, luxury boutique property pays homage to Amagansett’s historic farmsteading legacy dating back to the 1700’s, with nature-inspired details that embody the spirit of this idyllic destination. The Roundtree, Amagansett features 5 cottages (one of which is over 250 years old), and a combination of 10 rooms and suites housed throughout  a 100-year-old barn and the main house.  All of our accommodations are beautifully renovated to include thoughtful amenities and modern accents that make for a luxurious stay year-round. 

A peaceful getaway

Nestled between the ocean and vast farmlands

Set on two​ acres of beautifully landscaped grounds, The Roundtree, Amagansett is nestled between the ocean to its south and vast farmlands to its north, making it an ideal getaway for a peaceful, stylish escape from the everyday that’s brimming with natural beauty and a tranquil sensibility.

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Bask in the sun on a chaise lounge come summer, or curl up with a good book and a glass of wine come fall, whatever the season, come enjoy the quiet serenity that life in the Hamptons has to offer. 

At The Roundtree, Amagansett, we’re proud to provide each guest with a totally personalized level of service, featuring all the amenities you’d expect from a vacation home away from home. Our convenient location allows you to easily indulge in the many delights of Amagansett. We’re situated just a short walk from the beach, steps away from the Hampton Jitney and near the many dining and shopping attractions found in Amagansett’s town center. Whatever your interests, you’ll feel right at home at The Roundtree, Amagansett.